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The production team of BULLY would like to thank…

Our generous donors and grantors

This film was made possible in part through the generous support of the John Steven Kellett Foundation.
This project is funded in part by the City of Houston through Houston Arts Alliance.

This film was also made possible through the support of dozens of individual donors, including:



Michael Bishop, Justin Doran, The Cleveland Area Alumni Chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon, Deb Murphy, Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda, Mary Jane & Dan Somers

Leslie Kiefer Amann, Joanna Brode, Deb & Stan Chwalek, John & Sheryl Dixon, Aime Gallardo, Rahil Jafry, Todd Klawitter, Patti Lozano, Sam Portaro & Chris Dionesotes, Sergio Sarmiento, Anne and Rick Shauger, Tamara Siler, John & Jan Silliman, Susan Slaton, Xiaowen Xu

Sina Araghi, Eliz ArguileraKathleen Ballard, Persephone Black, Timothy Boaz, Heather Brown, Oliver Caplan, Patty Carr, Osvaldo Faz, Nancy Gilpin, Shannon Griffin, Miguel Stonecipher, Tina Hageman, Tom & Heather Hardiman, Martha Kaynatma, Kim & Jeff Lane, Laura Leminger, Robert Lowe, Christine Milliner, Daniel Neer, Alyssa Norwood, Lee Raymond, Caroline Remillard, Lauren Serper and Peter Seferian, James Somers, Liz Strassner, Ryan Trager, Rusty & Kelly Warner, Jherame Williams, Orianna Webb

We are also grateful to our donors who gave amounts smaller than $25 who are not listed here.

Click here for a detailed list of donors and grantors who made BULLY possible with donations of $25 or more.

Those who allowed us to use their homes and businesses as locations

Gateway Academy & Michele Bauman Joseph
Fernando Dovalina & Barry Browning
Donna Kroll
Chelsea & David Lerner
Lone Star College-CyFair
Patti Lozano
Russell Sarre & Silke Hoppe
Geric and Heather Tipsword

Additional Thanks to

Carolyn Alon
Deborah Anderson
Warner Bair
Ely Bam’s
Celia Barnes
Patrick Barton
Jack Beetle
Scott Bridges
Christian Briones
Orlando Briones
Matt Brode
Heather Brown
Oliver Caplan
David Clarke
Jeff Clemons
Jess Dixon
Justin Doran
JD Doyle
Leah Dyer
Meghan Elsik
Richard Ford
Heather & Matt Friedman
Brad Goertz
Martin Granoff
Nora Hahn
Emma Hayden
J.E. Hernandez
Houston Pacifica Radio KPFT
Kim Hubbard
Gary Jaffe
Carolyn & Jim Johnson
Danica Dawn Johnston
Michele Bauman Joseph
Colin Kirkpatrick
Scottie Krakow
Donna Kroll
Kurtis von Krueger
Kimberly Lane
Jesse Lozano
Patti Lozano
Don Maines
Ben Mason
Cameron Miller
The Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation
Deb Murphy
Carole Nelson & Houston Boychoir
Phil Nichols
Amanda Passanante
Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda
Judy Reeves
Michael Remson
Erin Rodgers
Joshua Sandros
Russell Sarre
Rob Seible
Tamara Siler
Tristan Smith
Jean-Marie Stanton
Logan Thoeni
Allison Vogt
Dillon Voisin
Alex Winkler

Did We Miss You?

No film is made without the help of myriad people.  If we neglected to include you on this list, please accept our sincere apologies and email us at info@bullythemusical.com so that we may add you to thank you for your generous assistance!

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