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It Gets Better Video (Concept Cast)


Sample Songs (Concept Cast Recording)

Brad GoertzDID HE THINK?

Late in the musical, Mr. Bradley (played by Brad Goertz) comes to grips with the fact that he has lost his son and marriage in one blow. “The anger and mourning, that’s a key part for what I was able to identify with with Mr. Bradley.” (Read more in an interview with "

It Gets Better castIT GETS BETTER

Shortly after Sam commits suicide, four people from around the country create “It Gets Better” project videos, singing their stories of emerging from the darkness of painful childhoods into the light of happy adult lives.

The four parts are sung (in order of appearance) by Beth Lazarou, Amanda Passanante, Brad Goertz, and Eduardo Tercero. Also see our youtube film demo of this scene.

Raise Your Voice CastRAISE YOUR VOICE

At Sam’s memorial service, one woman’s song (sung by Tamara Siler) spreads to others (sung by the Ensemble), filling them with sadness and with hope.

Amanda PassananteWAS

Sam’s parents are being hounded by the press. After a series of questions, one reporter asks, “Please, ma’am, can you tell us who Sam Bradley was?”, and the weight of the word “was” – of hearing of her son in the past tense – suddenly hits Mrs. Bradley (played by Amanda Passanante). His death becomes real, as she reminisces about Sam as a small boy.

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