National Coming Out Day 2013

In honor of the 25th annual National Coming Out Day, the team of BULLY would like to remember those who left us before they could come out. Here is a sneak preview of the song “Raise Your Voice” from BULLY, which is part of the demo recording due to be released later this month:


In a moment of panic and facing bullying that seems like it may never end, Sam takes his life. At his memorial, a sole mourner raises her voice in his memory. Soon, a crowd assembles and joins in. (Click here Listen to an interview with the creator and cast members.)

The ensemble of BULLYTamara Siler

Left picture, left to right:
Monica Cummings, Nicholas Leh Baker (conductor), John Dunn, Lauren Salazar, Brad Goertz, Amanda Passanante, Mitchell Greco, Joshua Estrada, and Natalie Orozco

Right Picture:
Tamara Siler (soloist)